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About Us

About the Shop

We are an eclectic shop with a love for creativity, unique craftsmanship, art and beauty from nature. While somewhat diverse in product, our focus is rooted in the spirit and needs of our customers, as well as our local community. We find much meaning through community connection and the hope for its growth, and strive to house a variety of items and services that connect with various aspects of the lives of those who shop here.

As you peruse our shop you will find a variety of crystals (semi-precious stones), beads/findings for jewelry making, houseplants, and locally/in-house made items including candles, jewelry, skin/self-care lines, different types of wall/other art, painted gifts, macramé, refurbished furniture and more. Our wheels are continuously turning with ideas for new things to create, and we are always on the lookout for locally made items that will fit with the vibe of the shop.

Our Story 

Our team of three was established in 2015, when I (Erin) became the owner of what was then called Sadie Green's Emporium. I had worked at Sadie Green's Emporium for several years before the torch was passed to me. I had always loved working at this unique store, and being around the creatively driven people that worked and shopped there. After a couple of years away, I was presented with the opportunity to own the business for myself.

​So I found myself back at the Emporium again, with the hope to sustain some of its core roots (such as beading and jewelry making), while also bringing growth through new products, with a creative, and/or local focus.  Emily and Lizzie joined the Emporium team shortly after I became owner. We have worked together ever since, each of us bringing together a unique set of skills, with the common goal of making this little business work.

The next chapter of our story continues with our move to 453 Main St. in November of 2020. We hope to grow in this new space and look forward to the new opportunities it may bring.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us & we hope you will be able to visit soon!

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